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Privacy Policy

Vohra Neuropsychiatry Centre Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. (VNCPL) is committed to the principle of fair and ethical business practices and ensuring the utmost confidentiality of records and related information for its clients (e.g.: employees and associated staff of the corporation/s taking the benefit of full spectrum of psychiatric /medical and allied services provided by VNCPL).

It is the VNCPL’s legal and ethical responsibility to protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of all medical records, proprietary information and other confidential information relating to its clients.

Under no circumstances anyone including Corporate Heads of the corporation/ Human Resource Department/Authorised Signatories/business partners (with whom VNCPL might tie up for clients) will be permitted to have access to client’s data stored with VNCPL (unless mandated by the court of law) nor shall VNCPL disclose such client’s data to anyone which may include (but not limited to) client’s physical, medical and psychiatric records including diagnostic and therapeutic reports and records, psychological analysis and counseling reports and treatment inputs with VNCPL team.

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